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  • The Joslin Research Summer Student Internship Application is open!

    The deadline for completing an application is January 20, 2017. Completed applications will be reviewed and notification of acceptance into the program will be completed by March 27, 2017. A total of 12 positions are available.

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  • C. Ronald Kahn, MD

    and researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center are shedding light on how the success of microbiome treatments may be affected by the genetics of the individual being treated.

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  • Keith Blackwell, MD, PhD

    and his team present surprising results of a study showing that reactive oxygen species (ROS) molecules -- which at high levels are known to contribute to diabetes complications -- also have important normal biological functions and sometimes aid in maintaining health.

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  • Elvira Isganaitis, MD, MPH

    and researchers at Joslin found that umbilical cells from children of obese or overweight mothers provide evidence that already at birth their children have metabolic changes that could predispose to obesity.

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  • Jongsoon Lee, PhD

    and researchers at Joslin have pinpointed a major inflammatory role for "natural killer" (NK) immune cells in abdominal fat--a type of tissue strongly implicated in insulin resistance.

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  • Mary Loeken, PhD

    has uncovered new clues about how a glucose transporter can increase the risk of birth defects in diabetic pregnancy. Her work also suggests an approach to developing stem cells that might help to strengthen future regenerative therapies for diabetes and many other diseases.

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  • Christian Rask-Madsen, MD, PhD

    and researchers at Joslin have identified a gene in a molecular pathway that mat lead to much-needed treatments for vascular damage caused by diabetes.

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The Joslin 50 Year Medalist Program/Study

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