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Type 2 Diabetes Research

As the worldwide incidence of diabetes soars well beyond the quarter-billion mark, Joslin scientists lead in bench-to-bedside research that progresses toward new medications and best treatments.

An Inflammatory Story in Type 2 Diabetes

As salsalate does well in clinical trials for type 2 diabetes, Joslin scientists delve deeper into how the drug works.

Decoding Connections Between Diabetes and Heart Health

Genetic analyses help to unravel the complexities of coronary artery disease.

Exercising Benefits in Diabetes

What Dr. Laurie Goodyear is learning on the molecular level about exercise has practical implications for how we treat  people with type 2 diabetes.

Turning Up the Heat on Brown Fat

Joslin researchers unveil secrets of the fat that may make you thinner—and less prone to diabetes.

Guarding the Next Generations from Diabetes

Joslin scientists analyze what can go wrong in diabetic pregnancies, and the nongenetic ways in which risk of diabetes can be handed down.

People at Risk of Diabetes Offer Clues toward Novel Drugs

Joslin researchers pinpoint molecular pathway activated years before people develop type 2 diabetes.

Study Identifies Cells that Give Rise to Brown Fat

In a step toward novel weight-loss therapies, Joslin scientists identify cells in mice that can be triggered to transform into energy-burning brown fat.