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Letters from Grateful Patients

I just wanted to say thank you to Joslin Diabetes Center - I started going to Joslin in 1973 I had just turned 8 and was diagnosed with type 1, my doctor sent me right to Joslin for, as he stated, their expert care (Thank You Dr. Ward). My first doctor was Dr. Barnett, I learned so much from him and Joslin.  

In 1988, I was still going there and with them and Brigham and Woman's hospital expertise I was able to have a perfect baby girl - 5 years later another perfect boy. For everyone newly diagnosed, I just want to say , follow what they say - learn everything from them and you also can be like me - Type 1 diabetic for 36 years - 2 beautiful, healthy children - no organ or eye damage - only one in my family not wearing glasses and still working full time and never been hospitalized for diabetes.   Thank you for giving me the life skills to take control of my diabetes - it has never controlled me!

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1981 and have been a patient at Joslin ever since. I was blessed with 5 healthy daughters thanks to the wonderful care I received through the Pregnancy clinic. I work full time and never have let the disease stop me from living life to the fullest. There are frustrating times with highs and lows but not unmanagable .   I saw Dr. Graham for many years until he retired.. He was a wonderful caring doctor. May he rest in peace. I then saw Dr. Garan until she retired and am currently a patient of Dr. Brown's, who is also wonderful!

We are so fortunate to have such a great place to receive top notch diabetes care.

Best clinic in the world ... the Pediatric unit changed our daughter's life!

I have had Type I for almost 6 years now. I was diagnosed a year before I graduated from High School. When I was diagnosed I had a lot of diabetes education through Joslin and decided that I wanted to be a part of the team. I went to nursing school and got a job at the Joslin affiliate in Nashua NH. I am working on getting my CDE. I guess you could say I am a big believer in "everything happens for a reason" ...  I would definitely not have become a nurse if I was never diagnosed!

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 25 years ago and still going strong, thanks to Joslin!

Joslin is the best clinic in the world.  My husband has had diabetes for years now and gets the best care and advice from all the wonderful people and doctors at the Clinic.

Thank you Docs and support staff - you are great with teens!

First my husband and I  would just like to thank you (Andrea Penny) and Dr. Snow for a wonderful experience at Joslin.  We learned more talking to the two of you than what we have learned in the  past 3 months. I guess we thought we were going to feel rushed seeing a doctor from Boston. That he wouldn't have time to answer every question we had. Instead we felt we were the only 2 people in the whole clinic. I had written about 20 questions to ask him in order of importance to me and he answered every question on that paper almost in the exact order I had written them before I had a chance to ask them. Never did we think we would be there for over 4 hours.

When I went back to work and mentioned your name. It was amazing how many people knew who you were and how highly they thought of you and your nursing skills. I couldn't have agreed more with all of them.

Please pass this on to Dr. Snow. It is very rare to find a doctor who will sit there and answer every question and concern we had and listen to us the way he did.

Thanks again for everything!!!!

Good morning,
I know that I have said this before, and I could not say it enough, but you are without a doubt, the best! I will never in my life be able to thank you enough for everything you do to make me feel better on a day to day basis. Your level of knowledge, combined with your kind heart and compassion make you, in my opinion, the best Doctor on the planet! ... and I've seen more than a a few! I know that your job is a difficult one, and I wanted you to know that I appreciate everything you do, not just for me, but for all of the patients you help! You are a saint!
Thanks again for all you do!

A friend called me to tell me about that her husband was just seen at Joslin earlier this month, as one of the first patients in Joslin's "new program"  --  JoslinCare.  He couldn't say enough about how wonderful his first visit was.  He saw Dr. Beaser and Karen Chalmers, and was hugely impressed with all aspects of JoslinCare - my friend was even able to recite some of the key aspects second-hand even though she personally had no prior knowledge of JoslinCare. 

She spoke about the diabetes management plan, the fact that patient stays put and everyone comes to them, the integration between the MD and the Partner, etc.  The patient loved Karen and said that she provided great input he really valued her expertise.  Apparently the patient has been misdiagnosed for many years - he's 57 and has Type 1, but his primary care provider didn't make the diagnosis correctly.  Needless to say,  the patient is happy to be a patient at Joslin and also be part of the JoslinCare program!!!

Page last updated: December 22, 2016