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Islet Isolation Core

The main objective of the Islet Isolation Core is to provide Islets of Langerhans to investigators in the Boston area and beyond. By receiving islets from the Core one is assured of consistent high quality and purity of islets for experiments.  The Core can isolate rodent islets as well as porcine and non-human primate islets. This leaves the investigator to concentrate on experiments rather than the complexity of islet isolation. 

The Core can buy the animals or the investigator can provide their own, such as special transgenic mice. Over the last five years the Core has isolated more than 10 million islets.  We also provide training and advice. The Core can provide training not only for the isolation procedure but islet viability, islet size measurement, GSIS (Glucose Stimulated Insulin Secretion), STZ-induced diabetes, transplantation under the kidney capsule, and islet graft retrieval.

For more information about scheduling and costs, please contact:

Jennifer Lock ( or
VajaTchipashvili (
Joslin Diabetes Center
One Joslin Place
Boston Ma 02215
Tel 617 732 2580


Gordon C. Weir, Core Director

Jennifer Lock, Core Technician

Vaja Tchipashvili, Core Technician