Proteomics Core

About the Proteomics Core

Joslin’s Proteomics Core was created in 2003 to provide mass spectrometry-based proteomics services and training. The Core provides a full range of services to the Joslin research community spanning from consulting on proteomic experimental design to data acquisition and analysis.

The core operates a high throughput nano liquid chromatography, nanospray ionization, LTQ 2D ion trap tandem mass spectrometer system. This system is used for two routine proteomic services, including Targeted Protein Analysis and Protein Inventory. Targeted Protein Analysis is used to identify and provide in depth characterization, including phosphorylation site mapping, of proteins isolate by SDS-PAGE. Protein Inventory is used to catalogue the protein composition in a sample separated by 1D SDS-PAGE.  This service provides information on protein identification, molecular weight (gel mobility), and spectral/peptide counts, a semi-quantitative measure of protein abundance.

In addition, the Core works with investigators on specialized analyses involving tandem mass spectrometry, including specialized enzymatic digests (peptide preparation), selective reaction monitoring (SRM), and targeted peptide detection. The Proteomic Core provides in house database resources and analysis tools and also coordinates with Joslin’s Bioinformatics Core to provide further assistance with data organization and interpretation. The Core hosts seminars on proteomic topics and provides instruction on practical and theoretical aspects of mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Inquiries for further information should be sent to Edward P Feener PhD (Core Director) or Jane Chen MS (Core Manager).

Core Personnel

Edward P. Feener, PhD, Core Director

Jane Chen, MS, Core Manager