Joslin offers classes and support groups for the caregivers of pediatric patients.

These classes cover the basics of diabetes, how to manage the condition, and technologies used in its treatment. Many caregivers in our community find support, strength, and hope as they connect with other families and learn age-appropriate techniques for managing diabetes.

This class is designed for people who completed Diabetes 101 or who have been exposed to basic diabetes management.

Upon completion of the Introduction to Technologies for Children with
Type 1 Diabetes class, the participant will be able to:


  • Explore general concepts of pump therapy and Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)
  • Increase familiarity with pump and CGM technology
  • Understand advanced bolus features of pump therapy
  • Develop knowledge of management of exercise
  • Classes will be a lecture, discussion, and Q&A
  • Classes do not teach any hands-on insulin management skills i.e. insulin injections, blood glucose monitoring, etc.
  • The format of this class will be a lecture, discussion, and Q&A

$25.00/person for group of 5+

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Diabetes Educator with young patient reviewing results on mobile phone.