Community-based diabetes program will serve Medicare, Medicaid and low income/uninsured populations

BOSTON – May 9, 2012 – Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, Mass., has been awarded a $5 million 3-year grant from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to expand their “On the Road” program for community-based diabetes education, field testing, and risk assessment. Joslin Diabetes Center is the world’s largest diabetes research and care organization and is affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

“Joslin is very excited to receive this grant,” said John L. Brooks, Joslin’s President and CEO. “This is another example of our Joslin Everywhere approach where we can take our training and expertise into diverse and underserved communities.” 

The expanded “On the Road” program will send trained community health workers into community settings to help Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries and low income/uninsured populations understand their risks and improve health habits for the prevention and management of diabetes. 

The project will demonstrate how Joslin-trained low-cost health advocates can be leveraged to improve health, engage the community with preventative healthcare, and show cost-savings as a result of this successful education model.

"Joslin has worked for over a decade with our community-based colleagues to develop and refine this program, and we are excited and honored about the opportunity to partner with CMS in expanding its reach and impact.” said Richard Jackson, M.D., project director for “On the Road,” and Director of Medical Affairs, Healthcare Services at Joslin.

Joslin will partner with Penn State University and New Mexico State University Extension educators who have invaluable expertise in reaching at-risk populations and delivering community education.  Joslin will also partner with Providence Health Services, Inc. in the Washington D.C. area who will use their extensive network of community health workers, and health and wellness services to target people disengaged from their healthcare.

Joslin Diabetes Center is one of only 26 grantees in the country out of more than 3000 applicants to receive this funding.