Partners to develop and deploy advanced mobile and web based diabetes management technology and decision-support tools for optimal diabetes care

Palo Alto, California. & Boston, Massachusetts – January 21, 2014 – Joslin Diabetes Center, the world’s pre-eminent institution in diabetes research and clinical care, and Glooko Inc. have signed an agreement to jointly deploy an advanced diabetes management technology platform that will allow patients to share diabetes management data and in turn use that data through decision-making algorithms for optimal and predictive diabetes care. Glooko and Joslin will jointly provide a diabetes management solution globally to health systems, governments and payer groups aiming to improve health outcomes and lower costs. 

The agreement allows Joslin Diabetes Center, to create a ‘Virtual Joslin’ service by adding its clinical expertise to Glooko’s innovative diabetes management technology. The Glooko/Joslin service will allow Joslin and other care teams to remotely monitor, coach and guide diabetes patients between their in-clinic consultations.  The Glooko/Joslin solution will use pattern recognition algorithms to predict when patients are at risk for severe hypoglycemia or other complications and trigger provider interventions before serious complications and costs arise.

“The Glooko/Joslin platform will address a long standing need in diabetes management.  The system will engage patients to analyze the factors underlying the fluctuations in their glucose levels and provide prompts to reinforce behavior change and to improve their diabetes self-management skills,” said Howard Wolpert, M.D., Director of the Joslin Institute for Technology Translation. 

“Glooko’s unique technology gives clinicians the data necessary to close the communication loop with patients in between clinic visits,” said Rick Altinger, Glooko CEO.  “Improved data transparency and communication between clinicians and patients can change the way diabetes is managed.”   

Glooko offers an FDA 510(k) cleared diabetes management system focused on making glucose data accessible to both patients and clinicians. The Glooko Diabetes Management System, consisting of the Glooko MeterSync Cable, the engaging Glooko patient mobile application (app) for both iOS and Android, and the Glooko web dashboard, allows glucose data to be downloaded from dozens of meters that are used by tens of millions of people. To download the data, a user must simply connect their glucose meter to their mobile device using the Glooko MeterSync Cable. 

From the Glooko app, the glucose data and other key diabetes data like nutrition metrics, exercise, and medications can be collected and sent to provider-accessed web dashboards and EHR’s.  This allows healthcare professionals to analyze blood glucose along with other related biometric data, identify at-risk patients, and make informed therapeutic decisions. Because the Glooko system works on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems, Glooko currently supports data transfer from 29 glucose meters to dozens of mobile devices. 

“We have been watching Glooko closely over the last year as they have been liberating blood glucose data from meters and making it accessible to patients and clinicians for advanced diabetes management,” said John L. Brooks, III, President and CEO of Joslin. “We are excited to work closely with Glooko on the next leap forward to make glucose data actionable. We intend to create a System that will make a significant impact on dramatically improving patient outcomes and lowering costs.”