Marty Pasqualini is proof that diabetes strikes when least expected. He was in his forties and after a misdiagnosis of prediabetes, worsening symptoms plus a little denial, Marty found himself with a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.

He was thrown into a new and confusing world of blood sugar testing, insulin injections and disease management. Both his physical and mental health was suffering as he tried to come to terms with the changes this meant for his busy lifestyle, and he struggled to find the right treatment to manage his disease.

Finally, a referral to Joslin got him started on the right track. “I feel like Joslin saved my life,” Marty says. “It’s hard to wrap your arms around the fact that you never get away from this disease, but I finally started to feel better and got out of my own way. The care I’ve received has been superior.” At a time when diabetes was taking a significant physical and emotional toll, Joslin put Marty back in control and gave him hope for the first time since his diagnosis.

To show his gratitude, Marty began giving to the High Hopes Fund —an unrestricted fund that provides immediate support for all of Joslin’s most critical needs. It was important to him that Joslin be able to decide how his support can most effectively be used. “I believe in Joslin,” he said, “and I trust that the institutions I support know best how to use funds. I understand the challenges of being independent, and want to help where I can.” 

Marty says the High Hopes Gala, Joslin’s largest fundraising event, is one of his favorite nights of the year. He looks forward to getting his family, friends, and business partners involved in a cause so close to his heart. Marty has also accepted a role on Joslin’s Board of Trustees and will be sharing his time and talents to further Joslin’s mission.

“I used to keep it to myself that I had diabetes. Since coming to Joslin, I want to tell people and spread the word that, though diabetes is challenging, I’m in great health, and I have an awesome support team in my family and in Joslin.”

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