Power Over Diabetes

Not only is it possible to manage diabetes, it’s possible to thrive. That’s why, at Joslin Diabetes Center, we go great lengths to help patients learn how to live well with this condition.

Our patient care approach is nationally recognized by the American Diabetes Association. It combines medical guidelines from your doctor with support and instruction from knowledgeable diabetes educators. Compassionate education is at the core of our approach. We want you to master and feel confident using self-care techniques — and we’re passionate about your success.

Your Education Team

Our diabetes educators are nurses, dietitians, and exercise physiologists who are nationally certified by the American Diabetes Association. They’re an important part of your care team and work alongside you to help you adjust your lifestyle and stay on track.

Think of diabetes nurse educators as coaches. They’re the voice of encouragement, inspiring you to stay ahead of diabetes. They offer one-on-one consultations where you can discuss your questions and concerns — and learn realistic solutions. In a private environment, you can learn:

  • How to respond to changes in your blood glucose levels.
  • How to treat your diabetes when traveling across time zones.
  • How to recognize and treat low or high blood glucose levels.
  • How to take insulin or other medicines.
  • Ways to eat healthier and get more active.

Eating well is key to thriving with diabetes. That’s why we offer one-on-one counseling and group classes with registered dietitians. Work with one of our dietitians to:

  • Stay at a healthy weight.
  • Change what you eat based on your care plan.
  • Learn the latest diabetes and nutrition research.

Fitness is medicine in and of itself. It’s one of the tools we recommend to help manage diabetes. It’s also why we’re one of the few institutions in the nation to offer exercise physiologists as part of our care team.

Work with an exercise physiologist to create a realistic fitness plan. Whether you’re starting to get active or a seasoned athlete, we’ll help you learn how to incorporate fitness when you’re living with diabetes.