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Animal Resources Facilities

The Joslin Animal Facilities provide housing, veterinary services and procurement of rodents for the researchers at Joslin.

There are two facilities at Joslin on the fifth fllow that house mouse colonies and a separate unit in the basement for holding acute mouse and rat studies.

Animal Resources/Facilities Forms

BL2 - Use this form for requesting use of adeno or lentivirus

CRL Quarantine - Use this form along with a Joslin PO and source of healrh report to request quarantine at Charles River Laboratories (CRL)

CRL Shipping Request - Use this form for requesting shipment from Joslin CRL colonies to Joslin

Export Form - Latest Health Report and Vet Statement to be sent to recipient institutions for their approval of Joslin exports

HMS Import - Use this form to request import of HMS mice and schedule a blood collection for serological screening

Isolation Request - Use this form to house animals that will not go into Joslin colonies (Must provide latest health report.  Only clean animals will be accepted).

Internal Transfer - Use this form to request transfer between facility room or PI

Taconic Shipment Request - Use this form to request shipments to Joslin of Joslin colony mice housed at Taconic

Terminal Import - Use this form to request shipment to Joslin labs for terminal experiments of clean animals that will enter the Joslin Animal Facilities

Animal Resources Contact Information

If there are any questions about the Joslin Animal Facilities, contact the Animal Resources Manager at 617-309-2592