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For Patients/Consumers

Joslin publishes a variety of patient education materials in a number of formats ranging from printed booklets to videos to web content. All are written and kept current by Joslin clinicians and professionals to ensure that they are as accurate as possible and that they convey the educational concepts and self-management skills that are the benchmark for diabetes education world-wide. For more information, call 617-226-5815.

Print Material

Joslin’s publications are available in a range of literacy levels from 4th grade to high school level. A few of our most popular available for institutional sales and custom printing include:

What You Need to Know about Diabetes – A Short Guide — An easy-to-read and understand, yet comprehensive, resource for those with diabetes. It is an excellent first resource for a newly diagnosed patient, and it is appropriate for those with either type 1 or type 2. With illustrations on almost every page, this book concisely and clearly covers the basics of diabetes care, including nutrition, monitoring, insulin injections (with easy-to-follow drawings), exercising, special problems, sick-day rules and traveling. (Available in English and Spanish.) (6th grade)

Are You on the Road To Living Well with Diabetes? — Covers the five essential tests that people with diabetes need to have on a regular basis (eye exam, LDL cholesterol, microalbumin, blood pressure, and HbA1c). It provides short quizzes to assess what the reader knows about each test and then provides information to ensure that he or she learns the purpose of each of the tests and the necessity for having them done regularly. (Available in English, Spanish and Russian) (4th grade)

Diabetes and You — Covers, in a primarily graphic format, thirteen self-management topics for people with diabetes. We are currently revising it to make it more interactive - we are including checklists and space to allow the reader to write his or her target ranges, test results, provider information, meal plan, etc. (Available in Spanish, Haitian Creole and Chinese.) (4th grade)

Good Health with Diabetes through Exercise  — Explains to both insulin and non-insulin using patients how to get started with an exercise program, what pitfalls to watch out for, and how to integrate medication and food requirements with exercise. (7-8th grade)

Menu Planning – Simple! — Explains what a meal plan is, why it is necessary, how to use food lists and exchange lists, and how carbohydrate counting works. It then sets out Joslin’s Exchange Lists which include prepared foods and fast foods. Currently being revised. (7-8th grade)

Getting to the Heart of It — In interactive, workbook format, this book explains how to reduce one’s risk of cardiovascular disease by lifestyle changes involving such major risk factors as smoking, obesity, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and inactivity. (7-8th grade)

Other Joslin Publications


Keep Moving!…Keep Healthy with Diabetes — A first-of-its-kind exercise video for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes or for others looking for a low impact video to help get the physical activity that everyone needs. Features standing and seated exercises for individuals with limited exercise capacity who are beginning an exercise program, as well as for people with physical limitations (hip or knee problems, balance difficulties, etc.) who would find standing exercises too difficult. Useful information regarding the correct methods for performing exercises is also provided.

The Diabetes Home Video Guide — Skills for Self-Management [link] This award-winning video can help people with diabetes develop the skills needed to help them manage their diabetes, reduce their risk of developing complications, and enjoy a full and productive life.

The video, which uses real people, not actors, is almost two hours long, but each chapter can be viewed individually as many times as one likes. Chapters cover nutrition, exercise, monitoring, medications, problem solving, related health concerns, lifestyle changes and emotions and much more.

Web Content

Joslin provides several areas of content on its website, each of particular interest to those with diabetes or their family and friends and each written by Joslin clinicians and healthcare professionals. In 2003, the journal Diabetes Educator published ratings of 100 diabetes websites in the United States. Based upon accuracy, breadth, and user-friendliness, Joslin’s web site was rated number one.

The areas of educational content on Joslin’s website are:

Words and Phrases — Diabetes-related words and phrases.

Beginner’s Guide — A series of articles on topics that are useful to those newly diagnosed with diabetes and who need to quickly learn the basic information and acquire the basic self-management skills. These articles include:

  • General Diabetes Facts and Information
  • How is Diabetes Diagnosed?
  • What is Pre-Diabetes?
  • Will Diabetes Go Away?
  • How Do I Prevent Complications?
  • Are Complications Inevitable?
  • Can I Treat Diabetes Without Drugs?
  • How Can I Avoid Having to Inject Insulin?
  • Diabetes Checklist - Questions to Ask Your Doctor
  • Diabetes Checklist - What You Need to Know

Managing Your Diabetes —  A wide-ranging series of articles covering various aspects of diabetes self-management on such topics as insulin, oral medications, nutrition, physical activity, diabetes complications and feelings about diabetes.

Joslin’s Online Courses — Joslin currently has nine interactive online courses for people with diabetes. Four of these are flash animation courses:

  • What is Diabetes?
  • Managing Blood Glucose
  • Effective Monitoring
  • Diabetes Pills

The remaining five courses are text-based and interactive and include:

  • Assessing Your Diabetes Actions
  • Assessing Your Diabetes Beliefs
  • Assessing Your Diabetes Knowledge
  • An Overview of Diabetes
  • Treating Type 2 with Oral Medications

Contact Information

For more information, call

Page last updated: August 02, 2017