How Joslin Works With Referring Physicians

Direct Line for Referring Physicians
Adult Clinic and Beetham Eye Institute
(800) 497-7338

Primary care physicians, and other healthcare providers, refer their patients to Joslin because of the range of speciality services we provide. JoslinCareTM becomes part of their total healthcare plan.

Our JoslinCare model ensures that each patient receives personalized and individualized care based on his or her specific educational and medical needs.

Depending on the JoslinCare pathway that is developed for your patient, he or she may see a Joslin physician and/or other members of our team—nurse educators, dietitians, exercise physiologists, ophthalmologists, mental health professionals and others—as needed, for occasional or regular diabetes care and follow-up. In all cases, you will receive regular reports on treatment plans and visits.

We look forward to working collaboratively with you to co-manage patients with diabetes. Working together we can help our patients reach their therapeutic goals and live a better life with diabetes.