Insulin Pump Program

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A Look at Pump Theraphy on dLife TV with Joslin's Dr. Howard Wolpert

Howard Wolpert, M.D., director of the Insulin Pump Program at Joslin Diabetes Center discusses how he helps patients with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes decide whether insulin pumping is the right treatment choice.
Video courtesy of dLife Television.

Insulin pump therapy provides the closest match available today to the way a body would normally deliver insulin. Using an insulin pump requires more work, but results in better diabetes control and more freedom.

Insulin pump therapy is for patients with type 1 diabetes and those with type 2 diabetes who require insulin.

More and more young people with diabetes (even very young children) are successfully using insulin pumps, thanks to Joslin's pediatric insulin pump program.

Joslin's Insulin Pump Team

The Insulin Pump Program at Joslin Diabetes Center is the largest insulin pump program in the world. We care for patients of all ages, including some of the youngest and oldest pump users in the United States.

The Insulin Pump Program is staffed by physicians, Certified Diabetes Educators (including nurse educators, dietitians and exercise physiologists) and support staff with state-of-the-art expertise in insulin pump therapy.

As part of a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, the staff of the Insulin Pump Program trains physicians from all over the world on Joslin standards for insulin pump therapy. And their active involvement in diabetes clinical research ensures that the latest findings and technology developments become part of your clinical care.

Learn About the Insulin Pump

Joslin offers classes, group appointments and one-on-one appointments for 

  • Anyone with diabetes who is trying to decide if the insulin pump is right for them,
  • those who are ready to get started on a pump
  • and those already using an insulin pump and want to learn advanced self-management techniques for fine-tuning a pump therapy regimen.

Classes include Pump Assessment, Foundations of Pump Therapy, Kids and Pumps and the Pump Start series. Click here for  more information.


For more information on classes or to make an appointment with Dr. Wolpert or a member of the Joslin Diabetes Center Insulin Pump program team, please call 617-264-2767.

Are you thinking about an insulin pump? The Josin Insulin Pump Program has a class to help you review all your pump therapy options.  Click here for "Insulin Pumping: Is it right for you?"

You can buy Smart Pumping, edited by Dr. Wolpert, in the Josin on-line Store.

More Infomation on Insulin Pumps:

Dr. Wolpert writes about insulin pumps and glucose sensor devices in "Not Quite an Artificial Pancreas," a Joslin's Time magazine supplement, March 2005.

"Primed for the Pump" (Joslin Magazine, Sping 2005) is all about the freedom many people with diabetes have found through insulin pumping.

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