Weight Management

Joslin Programs for Diabetes Weight Management

Joslin offers two weight management programs that have been created expressly to address the unique weight-loss and weight-control needs of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes: Why WAIT and YOU-Turn.

These programs are based on clinical research conducted at Joslin and combine the latest insights in weight management and nutrition with Joslin Clinic’s world-leading expertise in diabetes care.

Whether you were diagnosed years ago or just recently, you know that weight reduction and weight management are uniquely critical to your health. With the right nutritional plan and physical activity, you can reduce your need for medication, enjoy better health, experience fewer medical complications and significantly increase the quality of your life.

Joslin offers these programs at key times throughout the year.

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To register for either Why WAIT or YOU-Turn, contact Joan Beaton, Program Coordinator, at (617) 309-3491 or email joan.beaton@joslin.harvard.edu.

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