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Information about Joslin seminars

Monday Seminar Series

The weekly Clinical Diabetes and Metabolism Seminar Series held on Monday, now under the supervision of Drs. Bijan Roshan and Martin Abrahamson, is a forum for presentations on clinically relevant topics. 

The Series is comprised of three lecture types, including invited guest speakers with clinical research interests, journal club presentations, and case presentations centered on more complicated issues arising in the clinical practice experience in the Longwood Medical Area. 

These seminars are a platform for fellows and staff of both the clinic and research divisions to discuss issues of management and exchange ideas in promoting clinical and research collaborations often related to patient care.

Tuesday Seminar Series

The weekly internal Research Seminar Series held every Tuesday is an additional major forum for information exchange among Joslin researchers.

These seminars are a platform for senior postdoctoral research fellows and investigators to share ongoing research with others at the Joslin. Students and the recipients of pilot and feasibility grants also present the results of their studies to the Joslin researchers. Directors of the Core facilities also use this forum to offer updates on their particular core activity, to promote awareness of the available core services, and to foster the exchange of ideas between staff members using a particular Core and Core personnel in order to adjust and improve the services provided.

About 10-20% of the time, these conferences are used to host an outside speaker with a diabetes research interest who may be passing through the Boston area. The subject matter of this weekly conference tends to alternate between basic and clinical diabetes research topics, and members of the Joslin Clinic staff often attend.

Regular Thursday Seminars

The Joslin Diabetes Research Center sponsors a formal research seminar series, the Longwood Area Diabetes/Metabolism Research Seminar Series, for the enrichment of our scientific environment. Three to four seminars per month are held on Thursdays at 12:00 noon now under the supervision of Dr. Alessandro Doria.

This seminar series began in 1981 and has served as a key meeting place for diabetes, metabolism and obesity researchers in the Longwood Medical Area that includes the Joslin Diabetes Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Harvard Medical School. Frequent attendees include members of other institutions as well, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston University Medical Center, Tufts University-New England Medical Center, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, MIT, and Harvard University. Seating for 130 is typically filled to capacity. 

The quality of the seminars remains outstandingly high, with the topics covering all aspects of diabetes research.  Announcements for the seminar series, and for other invited speakers, are published in the weekly ‘Harvard University Focus Newsletter’  (sent to all Harvard Medical School Faculty), the ‘Quad Bulletin‘ and the ‘Biology Week’ published by MIT. 

We also send individual announcements by email to over 200 additional biomedical researchers in the Greater Boston area.  We regard this as an extremely successful and popular program and we are proud of the decided impact it has had at the Joslin and in the Longwood Medical area over the past twenty years.

Named Lecture Series

Incorporated into the regular research seminar series lectures, Joslin sponsors four visiting professorships each year (named for Dr. Priscilla White, Ray A. Robert L. Kroc, Dr. Alexander Marble, and Dr. Michael Brownlee) for which a distinguished researcher may spend up to three days at the Joslin giving one or more lectures, and meeting with fellows, students and staff. 

The Ray A. and Robert L. Kroc lecturer is usually an outstanding biomedical researcher focused on basic research, who presents a ‘state of the art’ lecture. 

The Alexander Marble Lecture on Diabetes is made annually in honor of one of the early pioneers at the Joslin Clinic.  The invited Alexander Marble lecturer gives one or two lectures with more of a clinical research perspective.  This lecture is part of the Medical Grand Rounds series at the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, with a second lecture by the speaker incorporated into the regular Joslin research seminar series.

The Priscilla White Annual Lecture on Metabolism is made in honor of Priscilla White, M.D., one of the first members of the group to join with Elliott P. Joslin, M.D. in forming the Joslin Clinic.  She was particularly instrumental in developing the treatment of diabetes in pregnancy.  Like the ‘Marble Lecturer’, the Priscilla White lecturer normally gives two talks.  The first is focused on the “White Lecturer’s” major research interest and is incorporated into the regular research seminar series. The second lecture (the actual Priscilla White Lecture) is incorporated into the Medical Grand Rounds series at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and is often along more philosophical lines in biomedical research or medicine.

The Michael Brownlee Visiting Professor Lectureship in Diabetes Research was established in 2007 with the  support of the friends and colleagues of Michael A. Brownlee, M.D., the Anita and Jack Saltz Professor of Diabetes Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, a leader in the field of diabetic complications research and a former postdoctoral fellow at the Joslin Diabetes Center.


Page last updated: September 30, 2016