Joslin Clinical Guidelines

NOTICE: Joslin's Clinical Guidelines are reviewed at least annually but are revised as current evidence and clinical practice require. Please check back frequently to ensure that you have the most recent version of each Guideline.

Joslin Deskbook Image

Joslin's Diabetes Deskbook - A Guide for Primary Care Providers -- 2nd Edition

Written by Richard S. Beaser, M.D., and the staff of Joslin Diabetes Center.
A comprehensive resource that covers all the essential topics in the care and treatment of diabetes patients.




Joslin Melitus Book Image

Joslin Diabetes Mellitus, 14th Edition

Continuing the tradition begun when Dr. Elliott P. Joslin wrote the first edition of the textbook in 1916, this new edition, edited by C. Ronald Kahn, M.D.; Gordon Weir, M.D.; George King, M.D.; Alan Jacobson, M.D.; Robert Smith, M.D. and Alan Moses, M.D., has been thoroughly revised and updated by over 120 noted experts from Joslin Diabetes Center and other renowned institutions around the world.

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Joslin's Clinical Guidelines for Diabetes --Pocket Edition

Designed to provide, in a convenient, accessible format, the essential diabetes treatment protocols from Joslin Diabetes Center.