Joslin Clinical Guidelines

Clinical Guidelines

In order to assure that the high clinical practice standards endorsed and adhered to by Joslin Diabetes Center and its Joslin Clinic are easily accessible to practitioners worldwide who rely on Joslin to set the benchmark for diabetes care and treatment, Joslin Diabetes Center has developed and published a series of clinical care Guidelines.  The primary objective of each Guideline is to support clinical practice and influence clinical behavior so that outcomes are improved and patient expectations are informed and reasonable.

NOTICE: Joslin's Clinical Guidelines are reviewed at least annually but are revised as current evidence and clinical practice require. Please check back frequently to ensure that you have the most recent version of each Guideline.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Clinical resources developed and written by the professional staff of Joslin, will keep you up to date with the latest diabetes medications, treatment options, and research.  Whether you’re looking for an accessible guide to caring for your patients or need to know more about the pathophysiology of the disease and its progression, or need a handy, keep-in-your pocket copy of Joslin’s clinical guidelines, you can find it here.

Resources to Help Educate your Patients

Whether you’re looking for booklets, handouts, flipcharts or DVDs, we have the tools you need to teach your patients the diabetes self-management skills they need. Our patient education resources have all been written by Joslin’s doctors, nurse practitioners and educators and used with patients at Joslin Diabetes Center and Joslin’s Affiliates across the country.


Co-Branding and Custom Development

Joslin’s variety of patient and professional education materials are available for sale from Joslin with discounts allowed for quantity purchases. Branding or co-branding as well as custom covers designed to fit within your institution’s diabetes program are also possible.

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