Patient Education

About Joslin's Patient Education

Because diabetes is with you 24/7, knowing what to do to keep it in control is one of the pillars of care. Joslin's certified diabetes educators give you the practical tools and knowledge you need to fit diabetes into your life.

Patient education is an integral part of JoslinCare  — the model of diabetes care at the Joslin Clinic. JoslinCare provides you with an individualized pathway of care based on your particular needs. It is about empowering you to self-manage the day-to-day care of your diabetes.

Sequenced Diabetes Education

Our expertly trained, nationally certified diabetes educators include diabetes nurse educators, registered dietitians and exercise physiologists. You can see these specialists one-on-one, or get the information and motivation you need through a variety of programs and classes. Our educators work together as part of your diabetes care team to provide coordinated, sequenced learning activities.


For more information about education programs offered at Joslin Clinic, please call 617-264-2780.

To schedule individual appointments, call 617-732-2400.

Counseling is also available in Spanish and Chinese.

The Principles of Patient Diabetes Education at Joslin Clinic

  • The person with diabetes is the center of her/his healthcare team.
  • People with diabetes live multifaceted lives with competing demands that influence their diabetes self-care.
  • People living with diabetes make complex self-care decisions everyday.
  • Family and other support systems strongly influence diabetes self-care.
  • People with diabetes learn ideas and concepts that they perceive as important. 
  • Learning occurs when the individuals are engaged.
  • Learning is a process that requires reinforcement and flexibility.

Certified Diabetes Educators

Diabetes Nurse Educators

Diabetes nurse educators provide excellent patient care, perform health and learning assessments, develop and update your individualized self-management education plan.

They will teach you management skills, including:

  • blood glucose monitoring and how to handle sick days
  • how to treat your diabetes when traveling across time zones
  • how to recognize and treat low or high blood glucose
  • how to begin an intensive diabetes program or use an insulin pump and other new technologies

Registered Dietitians

Registered dietitians are outstanding leaders in the field of nutrition and diabetes care. They are certified diabetes educators who offer individual counseling and group education classes that promote healthful food behaviors and skills at a basic and advanced level. Nutrition educators effectively address the challenges of weight control, modify food choices based on your medical history, and keep you up to date on the latest diabetes and nutrition information based on the best available research. 

Exercise Physiologists

Physical activity is a key component of diabetes care and staying active is a lifelong process. Joslin Clinic is one of the few institutions that include exercise physiology staff as members of the diabetes team. Exercise physiologists are trained to help you develop exercise programs that can make you healthier. They can help you design a plan to help meet your weight goals, fitness needs and improve your health. When blood glucose levels are a problem, they can help you balance food and diabetes medication to keep diabetes from interfering with your physical activity plans. With an effective exercise program, you can feel better physically and manage the stress of dealing with diabetes more effectively.