Heidi Karner, MS, RDN, LDN, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Adult Diabetes Educator at Joslin. She provides medical nutrition therapy and diabetes self-management education to patients by performing nutrition assessments and implementing diet and lifestyle interventions. In recognition of Diabetes Awareness Month, Heidi shared insight into Joslin’s unique approach to patient education.


What tools do you provide to empower patients?

I provide online resources, handouts and both sample and individualized meal plans for my patients at each visit. We work to learn about the kind of life our patients wish to live and work to tailor their dietary recommendations, exercise plan, and medications to best fit their needs.


In your own words, how is Joslin fueling the future of diabetes care and research?

With over 100 years of dedicated work full of discovery, innovation and patient-centered care, I believe Joslin has been and will continue to be at the forefront of diabetes care and research for years to come.


What is your favorite part about working with Joslin patients?

My favorite thing about working with patients is that I am continuously learning and growing as an educator. I learn new ways of managing glucose levels and am exposed to new approaches, therapies and ideas every day, which makes my job exciting! I feel honored to be able to learn from my patients so that I can share this knowledge with others. Although I am an educator, I feel that I learn just as much from my patients as they learn from me.

Joslin patients can make an appointment with one of our Diabetes Educator by calling (617) 309-2440.