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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Joslin Diabetes Center has shifted to a remote model of care for our patients.

Our remote care model with limited, in-person “urgent care” appointments means:

Current and future appointments will be conducted by telephone or video conference with your Joslin provider at the scheduled date and time. The phone call from Joslin may come from an unfamiliar or blocked number; please answer if the call is at or near your appointment time.


  • In-clinic appointments are limited to very urgent appointments which must be authorized by the Joslin provider.
  • Patients should not come into Joslin unless confirmed by their Joslin provider.
  • We are still available for prescriptions and prior authorizations – we will make sure patients have access to medications and supplies.
  • You may receive an outgoing phone or text message “canceling” appointments which refer to in-person visits. If you have confirmed a remote visit, please assume that we have NOT canceled remote visits.
  • Please call Joslin with urgent matters during the day whenever possible and the on-call provider overnight and on weekends at 617-309-2400.
  • As always, please call 9-1-1 for all medical emergencies.
  • We will notify patients when a decision is made to open the clinic for routine clinical visits.

Please use the reference information below for links and directions on how to download and connect to the Joslin Diabetes Center clinic sites when applicable.

Glooko - most meters and Omnipod Insulin Pumps

Customer assistance: 800-591-3455

Quickstart Guide

Proconnect to Joslin Diabetes Center: (Reconnect code: joslin1)

Text support 650-720-5310 or email support [at] glooko.com

You likely already have a Glooko account set up by Joslin from previous clinic visits. Check your email for an activation request which you would have received when Joslin created an account for you.

  1. Click the Activate Account button within the email and follow the onscreen prompts to activate the account. If you were given an activation code by Joslin, go to join.glooko.com/activate and follow the on-screen prompts to activate your account. join.glooko.com
  2. If you cannot find your activation request email try logging in with the email Joslin has on file and click forgot password.
  3. If all else fails create a new Glooko account and you can connect to Joslin Diabetes Centers account by entering proconnect code “joslin1”.


Omnipod Pump to Glooko

Customer assistance:800-591-3455

Tandem t:connect

Customer assistance: 877-801-6901

How do I set up data sharing with Joslin Diabetes Center?

You will need to provide us with your Tandem Username and Password for initial linking of accounts.



Medtronic CareLink

Customer assistance: 1-800-646-4633

Medtronic CareLink: https://carelink.minimed.com

How do I set up data sharing with Joslin Diabetes Center?

You will need to provide us with your CareLink Username and Password for initial linking of accounts.


Dexcom Clarity

Customer assistance: 1-877-339-2664

How do I set up data sharing with Joslin Diabetes Center? 

If you aren’t already connected, ask your clinician for a sharing invitation. The invitation includes a sharing code that you enter in Settings of your Dexcom CLARITY account.

After you enter the share code, your personal Dexcom CLARITY account will share with Joslin’s Dexcom CLARITY account. This will happen automatically and continuously if you use the Dexcom CGM app as your receiver. If you use a Dexcom receiver, you will need to upload it to Dexcom CLARITY regularly (recommended every 30 days) for the data to be up-to-date.


Libre View

Customer assistance: 1-855-632-8658

QuickStart Guide

How do I set up data sharing with Joslin Diabetes Center? 

Log into your account at the LibreView website. In settings enter practice ID Joslin617 to connect to Joslin Diabetes Center.

In an effort to support our patients as best as possible, we have compiled the following list of online video resources. Please review the links provided in advance of your appointment, or in addition to your appointment as extra visual support.

Glucometer teaching:

One Touch Verio Meter

One Touch Verio Flex Meter

One Touch Delica Plus Lancing Device

Freestyle Lite System

Contour Next One



Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM):

Freestyle Libre – All Support Videos

Freestyle Libre - Get Started

Freestyle Libre - Apply Sensor

Dexcom - All Video Tutorials

Dexcom – All Training Videos

Getting Started and Setting up Receiver

Getting Started and Setting up the App

Inserting Sensor and Attaching Transmitter

Removing Your Sensor and Transmitter

How to Replace your Sensor

How to Replace Your Transmitter

Using the Dexcom CLARITY App

Dexcom -Clarity in the Computer

Setting up Dexcom Share and Follow



Insulin Injection:

How to inject insulin with pen needle

How to inject insulin with a syringe

** most of the insulin company websites also have videos specific to the product you may use, visit their websites for more support if needed.

Andreina Millan-Ferro speaks about telehealth during the COVID 19

Preparing for Your Telephone or Video Conference Visit

We understand that there is a lot of information regarding this situation, but please be assured that Joslin is doing everything possible to maintain continuity for your care.

It is important to have a plan to help you make the most of your visit whether you are a new patient or even if you’ve been seen at Joslin for years.


 What you should have available at the time of your visit

  • List of questions that you want to ask the healthcare provider.
  • List of prescriptions that need to be refilled.
  • List of all medications that you take
  • Blood glucose meter(s), insulin pumps, and continuous glucose monitors to be downloaded
    (See Below: How to upload your glucose information from your glucose meter, Pump or CGM device)
  • Blood glucose logbook (including logbook from school/childcare) or download glucose reports
  • Discuss any forms that need to be filled out and signed by the healthcare team


PHI Release Forms

At Joslin, we take privacy very seriously. If you need to share your medical information it is important to fill out the necessary paperwork. Please read and complete the necessary PHI forms and fax them to your provider.