1. My weight puts me at risk for diabetes
2. I have a parent, brother, or sister with diabetes
3. I am an Asian American or a Pacific Islander
4. I had diabetes when I was pregnant or I gave birth to at least one baby weighing 9 pounds or more
5. My blood pressure is 140/90 or higher or I have been told that I have high blood pressure
6. My cholesterol (lipid) levels are not normal. My HDL cholesterol ("good" cholesterol) is less than 40 mg/dL (men) or less than 50 mg/dL (for women), or my triglyceride level is 250 mg/dL or higher
7. I exercise fewer than three times a week
8. I am between 45 - 64 years old
9. I am 65 years old and above
Adapted from www.ndep.nih.gov & www.diabetes.org.
This version has been modified for people of Asian descent and Pacific Islanders.

For more information about the differences in diabetes risk please check out our Screen at 23 page on the homepage.