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New Pediatrics Department Now Open


On Friday August 6th,the Joslin Pediatrics Clinical staff packed up their boxes and moved out of their temporary location within the Adult Clinic into the renovated Pediatrics department. The floors were shiny, the chairs new, the exam tables white and spotless. For five months, the Joslin facilities team tore down walls and built new ones, remodeling the department to make it more accessible to patients and their families.

"The colors and the brightness of the rooms are really fun. It’s very inviting and kid-friendly,” says Lindsay Friedman, RD. “It used to be so much more congested.”

"The entire facilities team worked tirelessly throughout this process…to make our exam rooms ideal for our pediatric families,” said Dr. Lori Laffel, Chief of the Pediatric Department. Louise Crescenzi, Manager of Pediatric Operations, and a friendly face you might recognize at the registration desk, could not say enough good things about the new department as she gave me a tour of the rooms. “I think it’s fabulous. I can’t tell you how fabulous I think it is. It’s so friendly.” Lisa Sajedi, the mother of 8 year old Gabriella, a patient at Joslin since 2007, loves the look of the new department. “The new office space and playroom look fabulous! Everything is so bright and airy.”


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