For Parents and Families

The diagnosis of diabetes stirs up a bundle of emotions: shock, fear, sadness, anger, confusion and uncertainty. It is an extremely stressful time for a family. You have a great deal to learn right away and many questions. Yet you have to also try to stay calm and focused for the sake of your child.

You Are Not Alone

You don’t have to do this alone. It is very important that you work with a healthcare team that is knowledgeable about pediatric diabetes and can provide the support that you, your child or teen, and the rest of your family need.

It may take time, but you and your family will adjust. The more you all learn about diabetes, the more confidence you’ll gain. You’ll settle into a routine. And diabetes will just be one aspect of life and not the center of family interactions.

Joslin Pediatric Health Services can provide information and resources—in addition to health services and support groups—that can help with this adjustment.  

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Every season the Josln team publishes a newsletter full of items and tips of interest to kids with diabetes and their families. We also send out research news and event announcements.

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Resources and Information

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