Research Volunteer Opportunities

Clnical research at Joslin Diabetes Center

Research volunteers at Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston have a critical role in helping to advance the treatment and understanding of diabetes and its complications. The participation of research study volunteers at Joslin has been instrumental in providing greater excellence in the care of others with diabetes.

Our researchers recruit patients to learn more about the nature of diabetes and related metabolic disorders. There are also “clinical trials,” — studies in which patients are sought to test the effectiveness of new drugs, devices or other treatments that may then be approved for general use.

Individuals participating in any research study must meet certain study requirements depending on the study and be willing to sign an informed consent.

Informed consent is defined as voluntary consent given by the person (or responsible proxy) to participate in the study after being informed of the methods, procedures and risks and benefits that will result by participating. Consent must be given freely and without undue influence.

Participants have the right to withdraw from the study at any time without losing any of the benefits that are due as a Joslin patient.

Taking part in a clinical trial advances knowledge, medical care 

Looking for Volunteers

If you are interested in learning more about any study, please contact the person listed with the study.