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Training for Healthcare and business professionals

Joslin's training programs include world-renowned faculty presenters that are experts in all major specialty areas. Your team will learn the most up-to-date technology and diabetes management guidelines. 

There is no better place to go than Joslin to gain cutting-edge clinical and research insight, and practical applications to enhance the outcome of your patients.

Our interactive programs incorporate lectures, workshops, small group discussions, expert & patient panels, and collaborative learning techniques.

    We provide:

    • Corporate healthcare education
    • Healthcare provider education
    • Joslin Academy certificate courses


    Virtual Learning Programs

    • Customized to meet needs and time zones of client
    • Learn at your own pace or live with interactive sessions
    • Engaging format and collaborative learning techniques including:
      • Discussion boards
      • Small group discussions
      • Interactive workshops
      • Educational games
      • Expert & patient panels
    • Pre & post-assessments to report on improving outcomes for the learner
    • Joslin virtual clinic/patient visits
    • Case study modules
    • Lecture series
    • Certificate of completion
    • Evidence-based adult learning methods
    • Competency-based education
    • Programs focus on knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills
    • Promotion of inter-professional environments and competencies and multidisciplinary team care
    • Health professionals/ workforce task shifting and skill mixing using narrowly tailored training activities
    • Quality improvement outcomes
    • Stimulating interactions between learners and Joslin Diabetes Center faculty
    • Collaborative approach in program design/ customized programs to meet organizational needs and educational objectives

    Samples From Our Extensive Course Catalogue:

    • Diabetes 101
    • Diabetes Updates
    • Standards of Care & Guidelines
    • Evidenced-Based Treatment Decisions
    • Mastering Monitoring and Adjustments
    • Pediatrics
    • Geriatrics
    • Pregnancy
    • Nutrition
    • Joslin Care Models
    • Latest in Diabetes Technology
    • Medication Management
    • Advancing Therapy
    • Diabetes Prevention Program
    • Lifestyle Interventions
    • Co-Morbidities and Complications
    • Understanding the Evidence
    • Challenging Patients
    • Kidney Disease Treatment
    • Eye Care
    • The Science of Learning & Behavior Change
    • Mental Health
    • Navigating Insurance and Billing
    • Office Efficiencies
    • Sick Day Management
    • Emergencies and Hypoglycemia
    • Inpatient Protocols
    • Clinical Inertia
    • Health Literacy, Socioeconomic Status
    • Population Health & Diabetes
    • Beta Cell and Cure Research Updates
    • Joslin Grand Rounds ‘Live Feed’
    • Live Healthcare Provider & Patient Panels
    • Living with Diabetes Simulation


    • Physicians
    • Nurses, physician assistants and nurse practitioners
    • Dietitians, exercise physiologists, behavioral therapists
    • Other Allied Health Personal
    • Pharmacists
    • Healthcare Workforces
    • Insurance Companies
    • Industry Professionals/New Hires
    • Companies with Diabetes Interest
    • Patients
    • Patient Caregivers
    • Community members
    • World-Renowned Content Experts and Faculty
    • Global Key Opinion Leaders
    • Experts in all major specialty areas
    • Medical Education Experts trained at Harvard Medical School, Harvard Macy’s Institute, Mass General Institute of Health Care Professions and Harvard Graduate School of Education.
    • Authors and speakers at all major diabetes scientific conferences – including presentations on collaborative work with clients
    • ACCME, AADE & CDR Accredited

    Group Certification Programs

    Diabetes Group Training Courses for Corporate and Healthcare Professionals

    • Program designed to keep up-to-date on diabetes technology
    • For Entire Clinical Teams and Workforces: Nurses, Dietitians, NP’s & PA’s
    • Consists of live training, workshops, and online modules & webinars (CEU accredited)
    • Have access to personal online Learning Management System
    • Credentials printed on business cards for the duration of agreed-upon terms

    After completion of this course, business and clinical professionals will be expert consultants and clinicians in all aspects of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Therapy for people with diabetes and practices that support these patients.

    Training Includes:

    • Evidenced-Based Guidelines
    • Developing Standards of Practice
    • Billing and Coding and Office Efficiencies
    • Patient Training and Onboarding
    • Product Specific Training, Education, and Data Interpretation
    • Advanced Pattern Management & Outcome Optimization
    • The Science of Learning, Behavior Change and Retention

    JoslinPRIME has been created to support primary care providers including physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners in improving the care of adult patients with diabetes.

    • Target audience: Primary Care Practices who treat patients with diabetes.
    • Goal: improve the care of adults with diabetes through primary care.
    • Strategy: blended learning program of 12-months duration. Starts with an in-person workshop focused on Quality Improvement (QI), followed by monthly calls and a second workshop at 6-months. Providers receive educational materials to improve their practice resources for PWD. Additionally, on-line CME modules provide the tools needed to increase knowledge and clinical decision making to treat diabetes.
    • Diabetes Registries: are an essential component of JoslinPRIME, as it aids to identify the patients who require a deeper dive into their diabetes care.
    • Upon completion of the training, certification is granted.

    This certification is designed for all mid-level providers practicing in the united states as well as nurses and dieticians outside the United States who work with patients with diabetes in a clinical setting.

    • Direct patient care for at least 500 hours over the course of the 2 years
    • Three intensive live training courses (One week each)
    • Collaborative Case Study and Evidence-Based Research peer to peer presentations
    • Mid-term exam for year 1 coursework with a passing grade of 75% more
    • Online and live assignments (Case-based questions, knowledge-based questions, fact-finding, reflection pieces)
    • Let’s Talk About Diabetes curriculum competency fulfillment
    • Competency skill-testing through OSCE competency model testing.

    *Time and intensity can be customized based on prior experience.

    Designed for All Healthcare Professionals Working With Patients With Diabetes

    • Diabetes Quality Metrics and Guidelines
    • Conducting a Root Cause Analysis
    • Workshops on PDSA Cycle Development
    • Creating and Prioritizing Issues at Your Institution
    • Working Through Models Of Improvement
    • Analyzing and Tracking Data
    • Conducting your first PDSA Projects

    The JOINT-DQ Program (Joslin Online Intensive Training in Diabetes and Quality Improvement) is a novel online program designed to train healthcare workforces in the field of clinical diabetes care and quality improvement. This educational program utilizes state of the art methodology in educational technology that yields better learner interactivity, engagement, completion rates, learning effectiveness, and learner satisfaction.

    Educational elements of JOINT-DQ include educational videos, skill demonstration videos, handouts, case-based discussions with Joslin/ Harvard Faculty, gaming, a question bank, peer to peer learning and various assessments in an exciting academic online interprofessional environment.

    The JOINT-DQ program is a validated tool and has been utilized in training with excellent outcomes in interactivity, engagement, completion rates, learner satisfaction and knowledge acquisition.

    Joslin offers virtual sessions that provide telementoring education, and personalized advice for primary care teams. Our goal is to inspire primary care teams to deliver professional, specialized diabetes care to their patients within their medical homes.

    Joslin Telementoring Model:

    1. We use multipoint videoconferencing and the internet to connect so it does not require high tech skills
    2. Improves outcomes by reducing variation in processes of care and sharing best practices.
    3. Use case-based learning: guided practice through real-life cases with a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts to facilitate learning by doing.
    4. Providers can bring questions and challenging patient cases for second opinions
    5. Optional tracking of data to monitor outcomes for program evaluation and efficacy

    programs [at] (Email us) to learn about Joslin's Professional Training & Certification Programs opportunities.