Joslin pediatrics provides comprehensive diabetes care for children, young adults and families

Programs for Kids and Teens

Joslin Pediatric Health Services cares for over 2,500 pediatric patients, including more than half of the young people with diabetes in Eastern Massachusetts.

As part of Joslin ClinicTM our patients benefit from JoslinCareTM standards for individualized diabetes care.

JoslinCare is our medically-proven program that maps for each patient and family a customized approach to the care, education and support they need to stay on a lifelong pathway to health.

Pediatric patients can be admitted to Children's Hospital Boston and after discharge followed by Joslin staff

Joslin Clinic is an independent institution, but our pediatric physicians are also part of the staff at Children’s Hospital Boston.

If your child has been admitted to Children’s Hospital, and you wish to ensure that your child is seen by a Joslin pediatric diabetes specialist after discharge, please call (617) 732-2603

The Joslin Pediatric staff can also help arrange admissions, when necessary, to Children's Hospital. The Joslin Pediatric staff, along with Children's Endocrine staff, work together to care for the hospitalized patients.



The Diabetes and Pump Education Program for School Nurses

Joslin Diabetes Center
One Joslin Place
Boston, MA 02215

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Diabetes at School

Parents of children with diabetes need to make sure their children get the care they need in school and day care.

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