Exercise Regulation of Human Adipose Tissue


​The purpose of this study is to better understand the effect of exercise training on your adipose (fat) tissue. This information will be used in the design of future studies to treat diabetes.

The study involves:

  • Having a phone interview to discuss the study and see if you are eligible.
  • Attending a 3.5 hour screening visit with an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test.
  • Attending multiple visits at Joslin for an exercise assessment and fat tissue sampling.
  • 10 weeks of guided exercise training with at least 2 weekly sessions at Joslin.
  • Assessment of your fitness on a cycle before and after exercise training.
  • Blood tests and surveys.
  • Tracking your exercise via activity tracker.
  • Monitoring of your blood glucose during the study by a Joslin physician.

**Monetary compensation and parking validation will be provided for eligible study participants**



  • Age 25-55 years
  • Exercising < 3 times per week
  • without a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes


Exercise Research Team at (617)309-4378 or exercise.research [at] joslin.harvard.edu ()