Closed-Loop Glucagon Pump for Post-Gastric Bypass Hypoglycemia


​The purpose of this study is to test if a continuous glucose sensor linked to a computer and a pump can provide a low dose of glucagon to prevent hypoglycemia after a liquid meal in individuals who have hypoglycemia after gastric bypass.

This study involves:

  • Up to 5 visits to Joslin Diabetes Center over 4 weeks
  • A mixed meal tolerance test and blood draws
  • Wearing a continuous glucose monitor and a fitness tracker
  • Keeping a food log and blood sugar log

Parking or taxi will be reimbursed on the days of your study visits. In addition, you will receive a subject stipend for completion of the first mixed meal study (visit 3) and another stipend for participation and completion of study visit 5. 


This study is not currently recruiting.


Principal Investigator: Dr. Mary Elizabeth Patti