The purpose of this study is to find out if patterns of microbiome composition (bacteria in your stool) are related to how glucose levels change after a meal in patients with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

This study involves:

  • 2 visits to Joslin Diabetes Center over 2 weeks
  • Wearing a continuous glucose monitor and a fitness tracker
  • Providing a stool sample
  • Keeping a log of blood sugar levels, hypoglycemic events, and treatment of hypoglycemia symptoms

The study will compensate you for the cost of parking or taxi services for each visit.

  • Males or females diagnosed with ongoing post-bariatric, post-gastric surgery or other forms of postprandial hypoglycemia with prior episodes of neuroglycopenia
  • Age 18-65 years of age, inclusive, at screening.
  • Willingness to provide informed consent and follow all study procedures, including attending all scheduled visits.


Cameron Cummings at (617) 309-4463 or hypoglycemiastudy [at]