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Specialized Assay

The major objective of the Specialized Assay Core is to create greater efficiency by providing radioimmunoassays (RIAs), enzyme-linked immnosorbent assays (ELISA), bead based multiplex assays, and other basic biochemical assays to support human and animal studies performed by individual investigators at the Joslin Diabetes Center and external users who do not have access to Core Facilities.  The Core allows more economic use of expensive or limited materials, provides for training of junior investigators, fosters interactions among research fellows and provides a basis for generating productive collaborative studies between institutions.

Services Provided

1.  Considered as general services:
Metabolic hormones, obesity-related peptides and novel hormones
Metabolic substrates
Vascular markers
Oxidative stress markers and stress hormones
Circulating cytokines and inflammatory markers
Insulin receptor antibodies

2. Consultation: The Core provides consultations services for Post-doctoral Fellows and Faculty to discuss specialized assays that require minimal volume of samples used in multiplex assays to economize costs and to make certain the samples are collected appropriately.

3. Training: The Core provides training for Post-doctoral Fellows and Junior Faculty on the essential of RIA and ELISAs to allow them to set up these techniques in their own labs when they become independent.

For questions about the Specialized Assay Core and its services, please contact Rohit Kulkarni:

Core Personnel

Rohit Kulkarni, Core Director

Lakshmilatha Kannan
Research Assistant

Zhen Fu
Research Assistant

Core Ordering