Envisioning a Cure

Behind every great organization is a team with a vision. Leading Joslin Diabetes Center is a group of people committed to putting the interests of people with diabetes first. 

Our senior management team includes our Board of Trustees, our President and CEO, Officers of the Corporation. Our Leadership Council provides additional expertise, advice and philanthropic support. 

The Team Behind the Vision

An outstanding group of executive healthcare professionals leads the mission and vision for Joslin Diabetes Center. Learn about our passionate leadership team - and how they're working together to improve diabetes care for patients worldwide.


Roberta Herman, MD, is the President of Joslin Diabetes Center.

Board of Trustees

Solid leadership is critical to the success of a world-class institution like Joslin. Our Board of Trustees is made up of local, national, and international philanthropic leaders who have a special connection to Joslin and the shared goal of a future without diabetes.

Officers of the Corporation

A world-renowned team of scientists, physicians, and healthcare experts steers Joslin's direction and ensures our institution continues to make important advancements.

Support Joslin

Our researchers are constantly pushing science beyond what is possible today in a relentless pursuit of a cure that will transform the lives of millions.
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