Benny Ho is originally from Hong Kong. He began training to be a tailor, specializing in custom tailoring, beginning at age 15. He worked diligently for many years in Hong Kong, which was then under British rule, learning English words related to his profession and treating every customer with honesty and respect.

After many years working in Hong Kong, he made the acquaintance of a customer who was a US immigration officer, who put him on the path to becoming a US citizen. He ended up in Boston working for Louis Boston, one of the premiere clothing retailers in the city, and outfitting some of the city's most famous residents. After 15 years at Louis Boston, Benny struck out on his own, opening his own shop in Brookline, retiring only at age 72.

Now, ten years later, Benny has taken on a new challenge--type 2 diabetes. Benny came to Joslin through a friend's referral after his diagnosis. He has taken an active role in learning about his diabetes through the Asian American Diabetes Initiative (AADI) which provides culturally-tailored treatment plans and education. 

Benny joined the Asian Social Club through AADI and has made acquaintances within his community with similar experiences in managing type 2. Benny was used to paying attention to detail in his profession and now at age 82, he has incorporated the adjustments diabetes has brought to his diet and lifestyle into his everyday life.

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