Joslin is committed to providing a safe environment for our staff and patients and therefore we have precautions in place to prevent the spread of infectious disease including: 

  • Masking: all patients and visitors must stop at the kiosk at each entrance, disinfect their hands and put on the mask provided.
  • Patient escorts are allowed, but please limit to one person and only if necessary for you to attend your appointment.
  • Patient care and common areas are thoroughly and frequently cleaned and disinfected.

If you need assistance during off hours (overnight, weekend), you may contact the on-call provider at 617-309-2400. Please call 9-1-1 for medical emergencies.

Virtual Visits

Virtual appointments with Joslin providers are available depending on the state in which the patient resides. Learn how to prepare for your upcoming virtual visit.​

On-Site Visits

If you are coming to Joslin for your appointment, please make sure to review the information in the link below. Routine eye care and laboratory services may also be scheduled on-site.

Joslin and COVID-19 Vaccine(s)

Check here for more information on the vaccine(s).

COVID-19 & Diabetes

Joslin experts answer questions related to COVID-19, including advice on how to stay healthy and what to do if you are sick.

Need to Reschedule?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment
Call 617-309-2440.

Recent Articles

Joslin's Education department is working to provide relevant educational content for patients and the public.

Meds, medical thermometer and glass of water on nightstand against person sleeping in bed
Type 1
Sick Days

Advice for when you are sick

Advice for when you are sick

People with diabetes have been identified as one group that may face greater risks of complications when dealing with COVID-19. With that in mind, our clinicians have put together a list of guidelines...
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Insulin injection pen
Type 1

Managing the Cost of Insulin

Managing the Cost of Insulin

Finding low-cost options for your insulin can be overwhelming. Talking with your diabetes healthcare team about insulin costs will help your diabetes management and your budget. Please do not be...
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