BOSTON (June 13, 2014) – Joslin Diabetes Center and Steno Diabetes Center today announced a long-term partnership to improve clinical outcomes in diabetes care. The partnership was announced at the American Diabetes Association’s 74th Scientific sessions in San Francisco and builds on a long tradition of knowledge sharing and collaboration within diabetes care and research. “I am very happy to announce this partnership which builds on the historic relations between these two pioneering institutions”, says CEO and Head of Steno Diabetes Center, John Nolan. “It’s an important step to improve patient care and to disseminate knowledge and best practice within developing countries.”

The partnership will initially focus on clinical research and clinical outcomes. The aim is to compare and analyse differences in outcomes, share knowledge and best practice as well as  establishing clinical research collaborations: “Building on mutual strengths especially within quality of care, diabetes complications research and diabetes technology will lead to exciting new discoveries”, says President and CEO of Joslin Diabetes Center, John L. Brooks III. 

Two research collaborations in progress
Joslin and Steno are already collaborating on two projects where preliminary results will be presented at this year’s ADA conference (1,2). The first collaboration is focused on diabetic kidney disease. Clinical outcomes have recently been compared between the two clinics and an NIH-funded project to early detect and prevent diabetic kidney disease has been initiated at the Joslin Diabetes Center in close collaboration with the complications research group at Steno. The second collaboration is focused on diabetes technology. Clinical outcomes and experiences with insulin pump technology (Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion) have been compared. Joslin and Steno have the largest insulin pump clinics in the United States and Scandinavia respectively.  

Strengthen education in developing countries
Steno Diabetes Center is currently expanding its educational activities in developing countries through Steno-REACH. The programme has been funded through a grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. An important part of Steno-REACH is an International Diabetes Fellowship programme that is planned to begin in late 2015. The programme will target young and talented endocrinologists who will have the possibility to rotate between leading international clinics such as Joslin and Steno as well as centres in developing countries. Joslin and Steno will collaborate in this programme as well as in other ongoing programmes to support diabetes training and education. 

Press meeting at the ADA 74th Scientific Sessions 
Journalists who would like more in depth knowledge about the partnership and the collaborative research projects are welcome to contact the press officers and schedule interviews with leading principal investigators.

Press officer: Jeffrey Bright, Joslin Diabetes Center: jeff.bright [at]
Press officer: Philip Munch, Steno Diabetes Center: pm [at] / mobile: 0045-30792184

1. Oral presentation 52-OR Saturday Jun 14 9.15: Comparison of Clinical Outcomes of Diabetic Nephropathy between Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Attending the Steno and the Joslin. Rossing P, Lajer M, Smiles A, Andrésdóttir G, Skupien J, Krolewski A.
2. Poster presentation: Change in A1c One Year after Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) Initiation in Adults with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D): the Joslin (JDC) and Steno (SDC) Experiences. Mehta S, Abrahamson MJ, Wolpert HA, Andersen HU, Hommel E, McMullen W, Ridderstråle M.