We are happy to announce that our efforts to move people with type 1 diabetes up the COVID-19 vaccination prioritization list, at both the federal and state levels, have been successful. Combined with efforts from diabetes advocacy groups, Joslin’s Board of Trustees, Joslin leadership and physician leaders all worked together on behalf of our patients with both state and federal officials to add type 1 diabetes to the list of “certain medical conditions” that needed special consideration in terms of COVID-19 vaccine. 

This change is effective Monday, April 5.

Special thanks to Joslin Trustee Stefany Shaheen for urging the Congressional Diabetes Caucus to take up this issue, to Drs. Halprin, Laffel and King for speaking with the media on this issue, Joslin President and CEO Dr. Roberta Herman for communicating with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services, and to Drs. Lori Laffel and George King for their communications with the Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Group and the CDC.

Joslin will always be committed to doing what is right for the safety and good health of our patients, research participants and colleagues.

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