May is Mental Health Awareness Month and at Joslin addressing the mental and behavioral health needs of our patients is an important part of helping them manage their diabetes.

We provide individual, family and group therapy discussing the emotional side of diabetes. Many patients experience diabetes burnout or are suffering from depression. Patients may also experience anxiety and may have fears about high or low blood sugars. We work with patients to address those concerns and to set behavioral goals focused on improving diabetes control or weight loss.

It may be difficult for people experiencing diabetes-related stress to find a therapist with the proper training around diabetes, so we provide a specialized form of mental and behavioral health treatment in addition to treating the physical aspects of diabetes. We want people with diabetes to live rich, full lives knowing they have both physical and mental health support.

At Joslin, we have six behavioral health specialists who work in adult diabetes and pediatrics. In addition, we have three clinical social workers and three clinical psychologists. If you or a loved one with diabetes needs help, please contact our Adult Clinic or Pediatric, Adolescent and Young Adult Clinic for information on how to make a behavioral health appointment.

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