Diabetes monitoring with blood sugar test, glocuse measurement for diabetic disease awareness and control for analyzing insulin-deficient illness patient with exercise sport equipment background

The DROP (Diabetes Remission Outcome Program) is a 12-week weight management program targeting those who have been diagnosed with diabetes for less than 5 years, have an A1C<8%, and are on no more than 2 oral medications for diabetes.

The goal of the DROP program is to induce long-lasting diabetes remission among newly diagnosed patients with type 2 diabetes using a modified Intensive Lifestyle Intervention (ILI) model.

Eligible Participants:

  • Newly diagnosed type 2 DM or within 5 years from diagnosis
  • A1C <8%
  • On up to 2 oral medications for DM

Model of Care:

  • ILI (group sessions, exercise model, cognitive-behavioral modifications)
  • Intervention Phase: 12 weeks of timed-fasting with very-low-calorie diet
  • 16 hours of fasting
  • Very low-calorie diet with a meal replacement shake plus dinner meal plan
  • Maintenance Phase: Reintroduction of food at 1500-1800 cal for 9 months
  • Sugars will be monitored throughout, this program will be a hybrid model similar to Why WAIT.