Researcher looking at computer displays.

New Treatments to Prevent Vision Loss

The Beetham Eye Institute at Joslin Diabetes Center is a world leader in research on diabetic eye disease. Our top researchers are making major discoveries that can help clinicians worldwide treat diabetic eye disease and prevent vision loss.

Joslin is involved in nearly every major clinical trial in the treatment and prevention of diabetic retinopathy and macular edema in the United States. Some of our recent clinical trials have evaluated innovative therapies, including:

  • PKC-beta inhibitor (taken as a pill) to slow progression of vision loss (pending FDA approval)
  • Laser and surgical treatments for diabetic macular edema
  • Growth factor inhibitors and steroids injected into the eye to reduce macular edema and improve vision

Patients at the Beetham Eye Institute may be eligible to participate in clinical trials. For information on our clinical trials, call 617-732-2586 or ask your provider.