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In response to the rising rates of diabetes in the Asian American population and the lack of culturally relevant research, Clinical care, and education, Joslin Research Director George L. King, MD, and supporters of Joslin Diabetes Center established the Asian American Diabetes Initiative (AADI) in 2000.

Our Goals

  • Study diabetes in the Asian American population and disseminate Joslin’s research findings to healthcare providers and Asian American communities.
  • Provide diabetes education through innovative and culturally appropriate materials and outreach programs
  • Design and implement clinical treatment programs for Asian Americans
  • Collaborate with local, national and international organizations to raise diabetes awareness
  • Incorporate diverse community voices to promote health equity

51% of Asian Americans with diabetes are undiagnosed.

The Asian Clinic at Joslin

The Asian Clinic provides Joslin clinic's exceptional patient care and education model specifically tailored to Asian Americans.

The Asian Clinic provides Joslin clinic's exceptional patient care and education model specifically tailored to Asian Americans. As one of the first Asian Clinics in a tertiary setting, we provide comprehensive diabetes care that is truly unique and much needed by our patients and their caregivers. Through linguistically appropriate and culturally relevant approaches, Joslin's Asian Clinic serves to enhance the quality of life and health outcomes for Asian Americans whose life is touched by diabetes.

Joslin's Asian Clinic provides one-on-one appointments with a medical provider and a certified diabetes educator who have experience and are sensitive to the diverse Asian American cultures.

Our diabetes care includes personalized service to our patients at each step of the way.  The Asian Clinic Coordinator serves as a liaison between our patients and the clinic not only to schedule appointments, but also supports the patient with registration, referral, and prescription concerns.

Joslin's Asian Clinic is directed by Dr. George L. King, Senior Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer, Head of the Section on Vascular Cell Biology and Founder/Director of the AADI at Joslin Diabetes Center. The clinic is staffed by Dr. Runhua Hou, Yu Wang, Nurse Practitioner, Ka Hei Karen Lau, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, and Julia Li, Asian Clinic Coordinator.

  • Culturally Tailored Medical Treatment Plan
  • Personalized Medication Regimen
  • Traditional Asian Diet Meal Plan
  • Multilingual Educational Tools
  • Asian Social Club: seasonal workshops on various topics
  • Walking Club at Boston Common
  • Designated Asian Clinic Coordinator
  • Asian Clinic Direct Line
  • Weekly Clinic Meeting
  • Personalized Patient Folder with Goals and Diabetes Resources
  • Interpreter Service for Asian Languages

Educational Resources

Screen at 23

More than half of Asian Americans with type 2 diabetes, and even more Asian Americans with pre-diabetes, are undiagnosed. To make treatment, intervention, and even prevention of diabetes possible, we need to first ensure that it is revealed. We need to call for appropriate screening practices for Asian Americans. We need to screen at 23.

Drag 'n Cook™

Drag 'n Cook™​ lets you digitally prepare delicious Asian cuisines (Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese) while monitoring the overall health of the ingredients. The app provides trivia tidbits and full nutritional information about each food. We hope you will enjoy creating healthier versions of your favorite recipes and learning about different ingredients!

​Asian American Resources in Your Area

Learning more about Asian American resources, services, and events in your community.

Journal Publications by AADI

The AADI conducts research to explore the most promising ways to prevent, manage, and treat diabetes specifically for the Asian American population.

​​​Diabetes Risk Assessment​​

Are you at risk for diabetes? Take our risk assessment test to find out.