Pediatric Patient and her mother in a examination with Joslin Doctor

Your Office Visit 

When you visit the Pediatric, Adolescent and Young Adult unit at Joslin, you can expect a level of care and compassion that is unmatched--from the people at our front desk to our laboratory technicians to our physicians and nurses. We consider you part of our Joslin family the moment you walk through the door.

Office Visits

Patients should expect to have at least 3-4 visits per year. In addition to these visits with the nurse practitioner, nurse educator or physician, we encourage families to meet with a pediatric dietitian/nutritionist at least once or twice per year. Our clinic also provides support for families who find it helpful to meet periodically with a member of our family support team that includes a social worker or psychologist.

Laboratory Work Is an Essential Measure of Progress

Patients and Caregivers should expect laboratory work at least 3-4 times per year during scheduled office visits. Our child-friendly laboratory is located within the Pediatric and Adolescent Unit.

How to Reach Your Healthcare Team

Joslin Pediatric Clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Our nurse educators are available to you during these hours. Call (617) 732-2603 to speak with us. For urgent questions during work hours, tell the secretary and an educator will take your call immediately.

If you have a non-urgent question past working hours, please leave a message and your call will be returned on the next working day. It is also possible to communicate about non-urgent matters with your healthcare providers through email. 

If it is after work hours and your child needs urgent medical attention, call the main Joslin Clinic number at (617) 732-2400 and ask the operator to page the pediatric endocrinologist on-call. The operator will take your name and number, and the on-call physician will call you back. Please have your child’s blood glucose and ketone levels available when you call.

How to Refill Prescriptions

It is important that you always have diabetes supplies on hand at all times.

You may request prescription refills in advance during scheduled visits or call our main number to tell us what you need. If you are calling in a prescription request, please have the following information:

  • Child’s name and date of birth
  • Medication or supplies needed, along with strength and quantity
  • Your pharmacy’s name and phone/fax number