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The Observer Program for Healthcare Professionals offers a range of educational experiences to medical professionals which can be modified to the goals of the individual(s) or the requesting facility. Our team has the expertise and medical experience to develop and produce high-quality educational programs on topics related to the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.

Healthcare professionals across the globe visit Joslin to observe how we interact with patients, our patient education initiatives, and how our specialize use innovative treatments to treat diabetes. Learn how you can apply for our observer program and bring back the latest research and care techniques to your organization.

Understand the care model and infrastructure of diabetes as a chronic disease and the management from primary to tertiary care. Understand the management of diabetes care and gain a comprehensive understanding of its various treatments. Observe and experience some of the cutting edge diabetes management tools. Interact with diabetes educators from all disciplines (nursing, nutrition, exercise physiology) and other health care providers per the JoslinCare model. Draw on extensive Joslin training to enhance outcomes for your patients.

  • Describe common misunderstandings patients/providers have about diabetes.
  • Identify the key lab values and target lab values for patient care.
  • Discuss basic meal and exercise planning for type 2 diabetes.
  • Describe types, actions and side effects of diabetes medicines.
  • Review skills necessary for patients to acquire for self-care, i.e.; insulin, self- blood glucose monitoring (SBGM) foot care.
  • Create a personal action plan for improving your own diabetes teaching skills.
  • Identify a set of patient education resources.

Some specific program activities have been listed below as an example of what may be available to participants:

  • Observations with multi-disciplinary clinic, and group education programs
  • Attend conferences and grand rounds at Joslin Diabetes Center and across the Longwood Medical Area on various topics related to endocrinology and diabetes
  • Observe patient education classes at the Joslin Clinic


    Based on the areas of interest expressed by the observer the following areas maybe observed:

    • General Diabetes
    • Lipid Clinic
    • Pregnancy Clinic
    • Insulin Pumping
    • Nephrology
    • Neurology
    • Geriatrics
    • Ophthalmology
    • Diabetes Nursing
    • Diabetes Nutrition
    • Exercise Physiology
    • Group Education Classes
    • Urology Vascular Surgery
    • Continuous Glucose Monitoring
    • Medical students, residents or fellows
    • Physicians and healthcare providers who are currently employed as a healthcare provider, preferably in the area of endocrinology and diabetes.
    • Proficiency in English
    • Required documents:
      • Application form
      • Essay detailing goals and specific focus of desired training, including specific specialties and programs to observe and/or skills to learn.
      • Letter of recommendation
      • An up-to-date curriculum vitae
      • Required health documents necessary for health clearance
    • Interviewed via video conference or phone call

    Cost varies per experience and length of stay from 1-4 weeks.

    Included in cost:

    • Clinical rotations in general diabetes clinic.
    • The program offers observations of our educational programs, and the opportunity to shadow many one-on-one appointments with our RNs, RDs, EPs, and MDs/NPs.

    Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year, but will be reviewed for final decision by the following deadlines:

    • For periods starting between March and June – November 1
    • For periods starting between September and December – May 1

      Click Here to Download an Application Form
      Now only accepting applications for 2019 

      Please fill out the application and send it by email to: JoslinTraining [at] or mail your completed application to:

      Observership Program
      Education Department at Joslin Diabetes Center
      One Joslin Place
      Boston, MA 02215

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