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The ACGME-accredited combined Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) / Joslin Diabetes Center Fellowship Program in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism seeks to attract bright and compassionate physicians who are motivated to pursue clinical and research careers across the full spectrum of endocrine disorders, with the overarching goal to develop the next generation of leading clinical endocrinologists and physician-scientists.

As part of the joint effort with the Division of Endocrinology at BIDMC, training at Joslin will provide fellows with a robust and structured experience in managing all types of diabetes and its complications. While recognizing the importance of rigorous clinical training, we strive to attain a balance between service and education throughout the 2-yr clinical track and the 3-yr research-oriented program.

The first year is predominantly dedicated to clinical activity (for both tracks) to fulfill ACGME requirements. Inpatient rotations through the Adult Diabetes and Diabetes & Pregnancy consult services are integrated with weekly outpatient diabetes clinics (in addition to clinics and Inpatient Endocrine consultative activity at BIDMC). Fellows receive further exposure while attending specialty clinics on weight management, lipid disorders, diabetes in pregnancy, and hypoglycemia. Also, fellows participate in intensive multidisciplinary patient-centered programs (e.g. DO IT), which draw patients worldwide and exemplify the coordinated, multifaceted model of care envisioned by Dr. Joslin.

During the second year (and third, if applicable), clinics are tailored to fellows’ interests, emphasizing choices that are aligned with long-term career goals. Quality improvement projects and engagement in activities of the Asian American Diabetes Initiative and the Latino Diabetes Initiative are sought-after choices. Our mission is to foster a stimulating environment that enables the progressive independence of our fellows in caring for their patients while supporting their professional growth.

In addition to weekly clinical case conferences and Grand Rounds at BIDMC, fellows will participate (and in some cases guide) an extensive set of educational activities that encompass diabetes-focused formal lectures, including the Joslin Clinical Diabetes Series, topical conferences, board reviews, and workshops and hands-on training in diabetes technologies. In addition, a vast array of courses and seminars is available across the Longwood Medical Area. Many of our fellows enroll in clinical research courses offered by the Harvard Catalyst, including a Master of Science program, and contribute to teaching Harvard Medical School students through their clerkships.

Fellows in the three-year physician-scientist pathway pursue basic, translational, or clinical research at JDC, BIDMC, or other Harvard-affiliate Institutions. Supported by an NIH-funded T32 training grant, fellows in their second and third year have access to unparalleled opportunities to develop their research projects in state-of-the-art facilities, under the supervision of established scientists who also serve as mentors during the transition to independence.

​​​​​​​Together with the training received within the Division of Endocrinology at BIDMC, we aspire to provide our fellows with comprehensive diabetes expertise to launch their clinical and/or research careers.

Our Faculty commitment at Joslin and in the Division of Endocrinology at BIDMC is evidenced by the exceptional accomplishments of our alumni. We aim to equip our research fellows with the skill set to be competitive for career development awards (e.g. K-series) upon graduation.

All research fellows maintain their continuity clinics in endocrinology (BIDMC) and diabetes (Joslin) during their second and third year, although the frequency of these activities may vary as research commitments expand. Finally, fellows participate in a formal review series focused on grant writing, and mandatory Responsible Conduct of Research conferences.

Partha S. Sinha, MD

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
BIDMC/JDC Fellowship Program

Roeland (Jan-Willem) Middelbeek MD, MS

Associate Director,
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
BIDMC/JDC Fellowship Program

Roxanne Erekson

Fellowship Coordinator

Questions? We encourage you to EndocrineFellowship [at] bidmc.harvard.edu (contact us) for any inquiries regarding our program and look forward to your application.