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Joslin Fellows Council

Meet Like-Minded Students

The Fellows Council at Joslin Diabetes Center offers an interactive environment for fellows and graduate students to exchange experiences and information. Together, the group actively plans and facilitates Joslin’s educational programs, and enjoys social events.

Consisting of representatives from each research section, the Fellowship Council is a diverse group and also includes one pre-doctoral graduate student representative. The Council meets at least three times per year, as well as throughout the year, as necessary. Council members work collaboratively with Joslin’s Director of Research, the Office of Research Fellow Affairs, and other Joslin leadership team members.

  1. The Council is responsible for leading a support network for the Joslin fellows: to open a dialogue among fellows to address issues and help identify and develop activities, both social and academic, that would benefit fellows.
  2. The Council serves as the “voice” of the fellows to the Office of Research Fellow Affairs and Joslin leadership to address topics of concern to fellows.
  3. The Council is responsible for three seminars in the Longwood Area Diabetes/Metabolism Research Seminar Series. Lecture responsibilities include identifying, inviting and hosting expert speakers from outside Joslin. In addition, all fellows have the opportunity to meet and network with the invited speakers at small roundtable discussions after the lectures.
  4. The Council sponsors several lectures each year on skills important for academic success including writing for publication, statistics, giving presentation, etc. The Council in collaboration with the Office of Research Fellows Affairs sponsors Joslin Poster Day, an opportunity for investigators and fellows to display and discuss their work presented at national and international meetings with Joslin and other Harvard faculty and staff.​

Download a copy of the guide for research fellows, visiting scholars/scientists and visiting research students.