Joslin Fellows in the Lab.

Training the Next Generation of Diabetes Researchers

Joslin is committed to training the next generation of researchers focused on diabetes. Joslin's Research Fellows Program is the largest diabetes-specific training program in the world and welcomes more than 100 MD and PhD Fellows each year.

Fellows are able to learn basic and advanced scientific techniques from morphology to genetics, genomics, and proteomics and to expand their horizons by being exposed to the latest advances in basic science and clinical research in diabetes. 

Fellows from all over the world come to Joslin to learn basic and advanced scientific techniques, from morphology to genetics, genomics, and proteomics. More than half of our bench research labs collaborate with physicians in our clinic, and as a result, fellows expand their horizons by being exposed to the latest advances and clinical care.

Joslin‘s internationally recognized faculty includes leaders in the fields of immunology, vascular biology, islet biology, insulin action, diabetes complications, psychosocial research, and genetics and epidemiology. The more than 35 faculty-level investigators engage in both basic and clinical/translational research across the 7 research sections.

The Office of Research Fellows Affairs serves as faculty advisor to the Fellows Council and the fellows and works to supplement their mentors/Principal Investigators training and guidance.

How to Apply

Postdoctoral positions at Joslin are usually arranged directly between applicants and individual faculty members. To begin the process, applicants typically do thorough literature reviews in their area of scientific interest, and then review the work and publications of the potential mentor.

Applicants should send a cover letter and updated CV directly to the potential Joslin mentor/investigator. Applicants may also speak directly to potential mentor/investigators at professional meetings or other academic gatherings. Joslin faculty may advertise postdoctoral positions in scientific publications.


International Fellows

Once a postdoc applicant has accepted a position at Joslin, their Investigator will contact the Research Programs Administrator in the Office of Sponsored Research. For international postdocs, the Research Programs Administrator will help coordinator the visa application process. Joslin is an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, thus the Harvard International Office will sponsor the visas for Joslin international postdocs.

All foreign postdocs will receive a useful guide to Boston, Welcome to Boston upon arrival that has practical information to help facilitate the adjustment to living in Boston.