Our History

At The Beetham Eye Institute, generations of Joslin ophthalmologists have revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic eye disease. William P. Beetham, MD, for whom the Institute was named, first provided groundbreaking observations on diabetic eye disease. With this knowledge, Beetham's son-in-law, Beetham Eye Institute Founding Director Lloyd M. Aiello, MD, worked with Dr. Beetham to pioneer a unique technique in laser surgery in 1967. This technique has since saved 60 million years worth of sight for hundreds of thousands of people with diabetes worldwide. 

Dr. Lloyd M. Aiello’s son, Lloyd Paul Aiello, MD, PhD, continues the family tradition of excellence in diabetes eye care as the current Director of the Beetham Eye Institute. He is an internationally recognized leader in the identification and evaluation of novel treatments for diabetic retinopathy (eye disease), clinical trials, research, and the development of national standards. 

The Institute is also distinguished by its compassionate and experienced staff who currently represent more than 434 years of service in diabetes eye care. Staff members hold faculty appointments and participate in medical education at Harvard Medical School and other academic institutions, where they collaborate with leading scientists and researchers. Every ophthalmologist, optometrist, imaging specialist and study coordinator at the Beetham Eye Institute is certified, or in training, for the numerous clinical trials of novel therapies that are ongoing at the Institute.

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